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Video: Using Aux Effects Sends in Pro Tools March 24, 2008

Posted by ConnorSmith in : plugins (plug-ins), Pro Tools, Videos , trackback

This video is just like the recently posted Logic Pro video, but now in Pro Tools.  I show you how to create aux input tracks, and use them with bus sends to apply effects.  First, a reverb, then a delay.


In this video form the studio files .com, I am going to show you how to setup aux effects sends in Pro Tools LE.  Its very similar to our Logic video, except now we are obviously in Pro Tools LE.  I have the same voice sample I was using in the Logic video, so let’s listen to the dry, unprocessed signal.  Now we need to figure out how to get effects on that track.  Go into the mixer window with command+equals sign.  Pro Tools, unlike Logic Studio Pro, will not automatically create aux tracks from your bus assignments, so we need to make aux tracks.  Track>New, and create one new stereo aux input.  Let’s rename it “Reverb”.  For its input, lets choose the first available bus, so bus 1-2.  Now go into the voice track, and using a send, choose bus 1-2.  This is the fader that you are going to use to send more signal to bus 1-2, so let’s leave it open for now.  Finally, go onto our reverb aux track and insert a reverb plug-in.  Let’s choose D-Verb.  Pick the Plate algorithm.  Plate’s usually sound best between 1-1.5 seconds, or at the most 2 seconds, so let’s set the decay at 1.5 seconds for now.  Leave all the other setting default for now.  Let’s play the voice sample again with reverb on (the fader up).  Now crank it up so you can really hear it.  Great.  Now, the delay send is basically the same process.  Close out of those two windows.  I’ll hit Shift+Apple+N to create a new stereo aux input.  Label that “Delay”.  For its input, use the next available bus, so bus 3-4.  Pro Tools has a few different delay plug-ins based on time (long, medium, short, etc…)  let’s choose Medium Delay II.  Pro Tools doesn’t give you presets, but that is ok, because it is an easy-to-use plug-in.  You can choose different delay values for the right and left channels, so let’s put the left channel at around 150ms, and the right at around 300 ms.  The best way to learn these delay plug-ins is to experiment.  I’ll just choose settings at random really quickly here.  Back on the voice track, we need to create a new send to send signal to bus 3-4.  Let’s dial the fader up and hear that.  Now I’ll turn it way up so you can really hear it.  Finally, I will crank both busses so you can really hear them both.  So that’s a good intro on how to setup aux effect sends in Pro Tools.  You can use these for all sorts of effects, not just reverb and delay, but this video showed you how to set them up.


The Studio Files


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2. adoney reid aka moneygreen - January 15, 2010

nice video thanks alot

3. Denis - October 25, 2010

this video was actually perfect. i now understand perfectly! cheers! :)

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